Christmas Conundrum and e-cards.


Here’s my problem.

I love Christmas cards.

Like, I love them so much. I love snail mail. I love seeing beautiful pictures of my friends and family. I love the handwriting on the outside of the envelope. I love displaying them across the garland in my dining room.

But I have yet to have the guts to send one myself. Because it may be a little weird to get a Christmas card from a single girl. Right? Maybe not. But it feels like it would take some guts to send one and say, “MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ANNIE DOWNS AND HERSELF.”

How’s this. No matter what, I pinky promise that I will send a Christmas card. Married, single, cat-owner [nope]. Just don’t let me forget.

But for this year, I’m keeping it classy and keeping it digital. We’ve added five holiday-themed cards to the Speak Love Now e-card page. I’ve sent them here there and everywhere across the world wide web so far this month.






Aren’t these awesome!?! I totally love the New Years ones. Such sweet sentiments- totally what Speak Love is all about. So feel free to pop over to Speak Love Now and send a few e-cards via email or social media.

Also, we’re seeing people LOVE LOVE LOVE these Speak Love Now e-cards on pinterest. Here’s the Speak Love Now board. So you can also share that way if you want.

And if you happen to have a spare Christmas card laying around this year, feel free to pop it in the mail and I’ll add it to my garland strand!

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