My new best friend.

Is a rotisserie chicken.

I know, I know, you guys have thought of this a zillion times. But the idea of buying a cooked rotisserie chicken and using it all week was a phenom to me.

You know, this whole cooking at home this is going pretty well so far. Last Thursday and last Friday y’all had some great ideas for recipes and foodie blogs. My foodie blog folder in google reader is burstin’ at the seams now. And I’m excited.

So thanks for that. You guys are such givers.

And as you know, I made this dinner last week…

It was yummy. For multiple days.

For that meal[s], I had shredded the whole chicken and had probably two cups left. So yesterday I bought some whole wheat rolls and BBQ sauce [yes, Scotland has good BBQ sauce. I know. It’s crazy talk. But it’s true]. Then I just did a little mixin’ with that leftover chicken and blah-dow!

So I think the ole BFF rotisserie chicken will be sticking around for a while. And check out that orange! A real beaut. I mean, it’s no salad, but it is a start. 🙂

Eating healthy. Walking all over Edinburgh. It’s a good start, people. A good start.

I knew you’d be proud.

Questions for you:

  1. Other easy meals I can make with a rotisserie chicken?
  2. Other staple items like a rotisserie chicken that I can buy once and use in different ways? 

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