Ninja Ultima Blender Plus: A Review

old blenderLast year, when I quit dairy, I wanted to pick up smoothie making for breakfast. So my friend Heather gave me this blender. A friend had given it to her when she got a new one. Then Heather passed it on to me now that she had a new one.

It’s adorable. Like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Blender.

And now I will store it away until the next young lady is in need, because when I got back to Nashville from Christmas break, this beaut was sitting on my front porch, the company asking me to review it.

I was all happy and surprised and pumped. As you can tell.



Wowie zowie.

Also, pardon my hair. It’s a complicated story involving not wanting to brush it.

I kept her, THE NINJA, in the box until Connor got back in town. Oh, you know Connor, he’s everybody’s favorite male intern / little brother. Last spring I used that sweet old multi-owner blender for Connor and I to have smoothies most mornings when he came to work. So I knew he would appreciate THE NINJA as I hoped to.


We unpacked and were TOTALLY impressed with how easy it was to put together. It comes with the 72-ounce pitcher and extra blender blades AND it comes with three one-serving tumblers – like the magic bullet thing. SCORE!

I stuffed that puppy tight, giving it the best go I could. I mean, if it can’t handle my leaves and frozen fruit, get outta here.


Frozen fruit, orange juice, a little almond milk, spinach, half a banana, and a scoop of chia seeds and a scoop of flaxseed meal. Yum. With the old blender, I had to stop a few times during the process of blending, shake it around, stir it up, and give it a go again. But THE NINJA?

You can hear Connor and I gasping and responding in shock. Because whoa. And that’s only speed four out of ten.

Then it all went in the dishwasher! Who can deal with that?


Connor and I were very very pleased with THE NINJA. He’s less pleased that I make him drink from a pink cup with rhinestones and that I don’t brush my hair anymore.

Overall, THE NINJA is amazing and excellent. Our smoothie was quickly made and perfectly blended. I am beyond impressed and can’t wait to use this blender for ALL THE THINGS I CAN THINK OF. The only downside I have found so far is that there is no easy way to add things while it is blending- no opening in the lid to pour in more orange juice, per say, while it is still blending.

So if you’re looking to get healthy this year with some smoothies or soups or a chocolate milkshake I WILL NOT JUDGE YOU, this is the blender for you. It’s so much cheaper than some of the equally talented competitors and it’s called THE NINJA so that’s pretty much all you need to know.

Do you have a great smoothie recipe? Share it with me!

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