Top 5 Friday: Autumnal.

I think that’s a word. Let’s go with it either way.

This is my favorite season of the year. Absolutely favorite. And if you live in the UK [I LIVE IN THE UK!], it’s already 60 degrees and the leaves are starting to change. It feels SO right. Like, so so right.

Except that all my people in the USA are still roasty and toasty and I’m real sorry about that.

But none the less, no matter the temperature, it is September where you live. The month where Autumn begins.



#1. SEC football

Maybe it’s because it is 100% impossible for me to watch Georgia play Boise State on Saturday night, but I am aching for some American football. With the rumors of Texas A&M coming to the SEC and the hopes that I always sadly place on the dawgs [only to be disappointed except in 2002], it just feels like fall to talk football. Also, this picture happens. And I love when this happens. Tailgating. Face tattoos. Red and black.

Sigh…. must move on before homesickness and a love for my people ravages my emotions.

#2. New seasons on TV

Sue me. I love TV. And I love when the fall comes around and all the new shows are on. Sadly, I will miss such an experience this fall. But. BUT. Do you know my friend Mary?  She has started a new blog called Mama Loves Her Shows and it is going to be my link to my #2 favorite thing about the fall.

[Also, luckily, 30Rock has a delayed start this year because Tina Fey is having a baby. Congrats on the baby, Tina, and thanks for extending the joy of my season!]

#3. The changing of the leaves

Tell me a more beautiful death. I dare ya. There is none. The bright colors, the crunch of the leaves. The variety of shades. It’s the red ones that blow my mind. There is a place in Marietta, GA called Kennesaw Mountain and in the fall of 2005 we had a retreat with the youth group and I was a volunteer and I wore my favorite shorts and a sweatshirt and the leaves were perfect.

I am a random collection of purposeless memories. That I force you to read. You’re welcome.

#4. Halloween

I am a big Halloween fan. I mean, I don’t like the demonic stuff. But I love the pumpkin stuff. The kids-in-costume stuff. The tiny pieces of candy. I used to love to decorate my classroom for Halloween- spider webs, completely harmless and non-evil ghosts, black cats, all of it. The decor. I just enjoy the decor so much. And the smells. And the candy corns. And the temperature on Halloween. And the snacks. Please. How cute are these snacks?

#5. Wearing long sleeve t-shirts and flip-flops.

I know that’s weird. But this is the last month when I can wear my favorite combo. I love having warm arms but cool feet. In fact, I’m currently planning my Saturday outfit and you better believe that Edinburgh will see this look on September 3. In particular, I will be wearing my new Crossroads Church t-shirt while hanging out at the Fresher’s Festival at Napier University. [pray for us, please?]

Here’s the absolute worst part of this list. I have about eight more things that I want to say. Including Pumpkin Hershey Kisses. [Hey Mama, will you buy a bag of these and save them until I get home? Thanks.] But I’m not going to list them. Because I don’t want to rob you of your favorite.

. . . . .


What is your favorite thing about Autumn?!?!

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