TOP 5 FRIDAY: Desert island foods!

Let’s pretend we get to go on vacation to a desert island. It’s not the dangerous type of island. It’s more like the island that Brad and Emily got to visit on one of their last Bachelor dates.

[Also. Rumor has it they broke up. Hate that. But we only talk about happy things on Fridays, so no more break up speak.]

So for this week’s TOP 5 FRIDAY, we shall think of happy things like the Top 5 foods you would pack and take on a deserted island.

[I feel like this is the right moment to tell you that once upon a time, I was on EHarmony. And one of the guys I talked to asked me to make about 10 different desert island lists. It was weird. We didn’t work out.]

So here are the five foods that I would want to take with me to a desert island:

1. Brie with apricot preserves and crackers

  • I know you think I’m gonna get sick of the same cheese with the same crackers and the same preserves, but let me tell you this. I love that stuff. And if I was on an island like Brad and Emily, I would want crackers and cheese.

2. Ice cream

  • I think the way I feel about ice cream borders on crazytown, but don’t tell the boys on EHarmony. I don’t care what flavor, except I would prefer cookies and cream, cookie dough, chocolate… okay. I’m stopping. This is shameful.

3. Bananas

  • Here is my least favorite saying about bananas- “Have you ever seen a skinny gorilla?” meaning that bananas aren’t so good for you. But if I was on a desert island for fun [not in a torture situation or a desperate situation], I would eat a banana every morning with….

4. Homemade granola

  • My friend Amber makes the most delicious granola. In fact, she taught me how to do it in these videos- Granola #1 and Granola #2. It’s delicious for breakfast and snacking and snacking. [Did I say snacking twice? Don’t judge me.] Also, on my desert island, I’ve located soy milk. So, that makes granola and bananas better.

5. The local salad from Burger Up (with grilled chicken)

  • This is the most delicious salad that I have ever eaten. Next time you are in Nashville, well- first of all, you better tell me so we can hug it out. Secondly, you MUST eat at Burger Up. It’s amazing. This is a true story- one day, I went to lunch and dinner at Burger Up and both times I had the local salad with grilled chicken.

And, just because I make the rules up in here, I also want to tell you that the one drink I would love to have with me is unlimited Blackberry Izze.

. . . . . . . . . .


What 5 foods would you like to take with you on a fun trip to a deserted island?

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