Top 5 Friday: Kids shows!

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I think one of the funniest things about being an adult who used to be a kid is that I have weird kid memories. For example, I remember LOVING a show on PBS that had talking shoes. A boot, to be exact.

And through the years, I have asked around to friends to see if anyone else remembers this show. And the usual answer is no one. So randomly I pop onto google and search things like “kid show + talking boot” or “PBS 80s boot talking” which could lead to any manner of things.

Thanks to the ever improving quality of google, I have FINALLY located the show. It was called Readalong and it is from Canada and it was EDUCATIONAL! You could have knocked me over with a feather when I watched a few clips and realized that I was learning that whole time. Well played, Canada.

So this week, I’d thought we’d all share our childhood favs….


[sidenote: this list could be way longer, and I’m going to read some of your answers and wish they were my answers, but this is the best I can do without a time machine.]


1. Zoobilee Zoo

No lie. I can still sing this entire theme song and for some reason, I have mild romantic emotions towards Lookout Bear.

I am surprised to learn that this was also educational. Dear Mom and Dad, y’all were tricky. And now I’m a great reader. So, congrats.


2. Gummi Bears

Weird kid memory: we went on vacation to Chattanooga [when I was probably 5 or 6] and we stayed in a train car and Mom let us watch TWO episodes of Gummi Bears and I remember thinking, “THIS is vacation.”


3. Muppet Babies

One of the only shows that Tatum and I always agreed upon. Muppet Babies were a huge hit in the early 80s Downs home.


4. The Wuzzles

I loved Bubblelion.


5. Welcome to Pooh Corner

There is something about Winnie the Pooh that just makes kids happy. Am I right?

Sorry these videos aren’t better quality but HELLO THEY ARE ALMOST 30 YEARS OLD. Technology is amazing.

[Honorary mention goes to Inspector Gadget and Mr. Wizard, both shows that I totally hated but had to watch if my sister had control of the channel changer. I still hate science. I blame you, Tatum.]

And just as I suspected, my brain can think of about ten more that I want to list. But no more. I refuse to break my own Top 5 Friday rule of having, you know, FIVE favorites. So I’ll stop here and let you take it away…..

. . . . .


What were your favorite shows as a little kid? 

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