Top 5 Friday: Meet Lois.

Y’all are gonna love this. My friend here, Lois, asked if she could do the Top 5 Friday post. I don’t know if this was to stay up past bedtime at camp or what, but I’m actually ridiculously impressed with her blogginess. Also, she knows me well, as you will be able to see. Can’t wait to hear your responses in the comments!

. . . . . . . . . .

Hello, I’m Lois, and I’m a camper at the Youth Camp where Annie is speaking this week in Scotland. I came up with a Top 5 Friday idea that I had to tell Annie before I completely forgot my brainchild, and after telling her she said: “You can write it!” So here we are.

To go with the camp theme, I came up with Top 5 Camp Quotes! Basically, it’s the 5 funniest and meaningful things I’ve heard this week, be it from Annie or from other campers. Let’s do this…

1) A pop quiz….

Annie – “So what animals roar?”
Everybody – “LIONS!”
Lois – “Sheep!”
Annie – “Oh. Wow. Hey, Lois, how’s school goin’ for ya?

So, let me give you a bit of back story for each of these quotes, in order for y’all [look at me, I’m in with the American lingo] to understand the context in which the quote came about. As you know, Annie is our speaker this week and the theme is Unlock My Roar so it only makes sense to ask what animals roar. I see the question as an opportunity for Teacher Annie to make an appearance. So Annie asked this and I was in fits of laughter, not because I was embarrassed by saying ‘Sheep’ but because I graduated from high school last month so I guess you could say school ain’t going too well.

2) Jordan- “There ain’t no party like a Holy Ghost party, cuz a Holy Ghost party don’t stop!”

Some of you guys might know the song from which this phrase comes [I learned that Cory Asbury is the artist behind it]. I didn’t ever hear this  and until hearing the song last night, I thought Jordan had made the phrase up herself! Jordan is an inspirational girl who has just recently returned from the States and she, along with three other campers here, participated in Riverstone’s Summer Camp. The camp over in the USA is what I like to call the mother camp of this week here in Scotland. Our camp has been going for five years and every year we are blessed with such a committed team of people from Riverstone and StoneBridge church who are so inspirational to my fellow campers and I. [I’m getting deep, I was saving that for the end. Sorry ’bout it]

3) Annie – “You can never be free if you don’t talk about your chains.”

Can I get an Amen? Annie spoke about this on Monday night and the Lord pulled on my heart-strings and told me there and then to get prayer about what’s been holding me back from Him. Since Camp 2010 ended last year, my relationship with the Lord has been rocky and thanks to Annie’s inspirational words this week, I can gladly say God and I are back. on. track.

4) This isn’t a quote as much, but it’s something I think is quite a serious yet silly argument. I want y’all to tell me in the comments whether or not you think pancakes and crumpets are the same thing. For those of you unfamiliar with a crumpet, it’s a flatter version of a pancake with holes in it. If you want my personal opinion, I like crumpets better. Some of the younger campers and I were having this debate over lunch as we ate crumpets/pancakes/whatever you wanna call ’em. We wanted to get it clear so that the Americans went home proudly saying they knew their crumpets from their pancakes. [I just stopped and looked back at that paragraph thinking “Annie’s readers are going to be like “Whaaaaat on earth is this girl talking about?” I’m not usually this crazy, just ask Annie.]

[Hi. This is Annie. Yes, Lois is this crazy. And I’m loving this post so far. I now return you to your regularly scheduled blogger….]

And finally…

5) Annie – “When I look at you, Lois, I see someone who is a joy to be around and I see a leader.”

This meant a lot to me. When spending time with the Lord on Monday, He gave me a phrase that literally made my jaw drop. He said : “Learn today, for one day you shall guide, one day you shall lead.” I was scared to share this with anyone that day, and took the day to think about it and try to take some meaning from it. If there’s anything I’m passionate about, drama and leadership are definitely up at the top of my list [next to Irn Bru, I’m really passionate about Irn Bru]. I mentioned earlier that I graduated high school back in June, I’m taking this summer to get myself back on track and ready to head to Liverpool in September to study drama [if I get the grades. I’ll let Annie know how I do on August 4th]. Leadership is always something I’ve been interested in, I love to teach people things and guide them with situations; the feeling of accomplishment when I learn that my guidance has impacted somebody’s life just makes me want to guide more and more. Annie saying this to me has really touched my heart this week, and this is going to act as a great transition into my conclusion-ending-thingy.

Since I last saw Annie back in July of 2008, she has done wonderful things. As a reader of this blog myself, I’ve read her adventures as she’s moved to Nashville, written and published a book and even attended the Grammy’s. [Have I read her book? No. But it’s on my list of books to read over the next 12 months, next to the 11 books I got a list of earlier!]

I love Annie for what she’s done to my life this week, really really love her. Our friendship means a lot to me and having her in Scotland to talk to about what the Lord has shown me this week has been amazing. Annie Downs, you are my hero. [I know she’s going to see that last sentence. She has to format this because I reaaaaaally don’t know how. Hi WordPress, I’m new.]

[Thanks, Lois. I love you too. For realz.]

So tell me, what are the top five funny or inspirational things you’ve heard this week? Also, Crumpets and Pancakes: Are they the same? I need to know!

It’s been great guest-posting this week, but I better dash…lights out was an hour ago.

-Lois 🙂

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