TOP 5 FRIDAY: Things you need to know.

You know. I had a great plan to do a legit TOP 5 FRIDAY post today. You know, something awesome like TOP 5 SONGS or something that y’all won’t quit commenting on because we all love our TOP 5 BOOKS.

But instead, I’m just going to tell you five things that are keeping me from doing an awesome TOP 5 FRIDAY list.

1. Tornadoes

  • I was supposed to do a giveaway yesterday [fine- I’ll let you preview the goods], but it just didn’t seem right with all the hurt and loss and devastation that happened in and around this part of the country. My parents’ home is fine, but there was much emailing and concern and worry for dear family and friends. I also didn’t have it in me to write a silly TOP 5 FAVORITE FOODS post when many that we know and love are devastated.

[The giveaway, with a major rad discount code, will be next week.]

[Oh, and we will do TOP 5 FAVORITE FOODS because hello, we need to talk about ice cream.]

2. The Royal Wedding

  • If I’m not worried about the tornadic activity leftovers, I wanna talk Brit. The wedding. The dress. The service. The cousins’ crazy Whoville hats. All of it. I watched every minute that I could today. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. [We will talk about it next week, don’t you worry about that.]

3. Jane Eyre

  • It’s not totally Jane’s fault. But I did see the movie yesterday and my gracious the book is better. I was not in the mood to blog jolly after that. Have you seen it? What did you think?

4. Boot Camp is OVER!

  • So I kept finding myself wanting to tell you all about Boot Camp being over. And how I can hear angels sing every morning at 4:40am but now I don’t have to wake up and tell them to quit singing that song about me going to run a mile in the dark.

5. I’m going back to Scotland.

  • I’ll tell you all about that next Wednesday and Thursday. [See how organized I am? I plan my bloggy life out weeks in advance. Except, I rarely follow my bloggy schedule. But I seriously will next week.]
  • It’s just hard not to tell you RIGHT NOW because I really want to… like so so much.
  • If you don’t know about my love for Scotland, you can catch up here.

. . . . .

See? Those are all things you need to know. To recap:

  • Tornadoes are bad.
  • Weddings are good.
  • Movies are good. Books are better.
  • Boot camp was good. Sleep is better.
  • Scotland was so good, I’m doing it again.

. . . . .

Also. Before you head out of the weekend, you might need some new tunes. My dear friend Jessica has recorded an EP called My Immortal Home. It is her way to raise funds so she can move to Prague as a missionary. Will you buy it to support her and her move overseas? [Only the coolest kids move overseas…. squeal…. I’m scared.] Her voice is INSANE, you get new music for the weekend, AND you are helping another human fulfill her dreams.

. . . . .

So you are welcome, as always, to TOP 5 FRIDAY along with me. What are 5 things I need to know today? [Or you can do 1 thing, or 2 things, or talk about the wedding or the movie or really, I’m not the boss of you. Comment on whatever you want.]

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