TueBook Tuesday: February is for book lovers.

TueBook Tuesday!

As I promised last week, here are my thoughts on the two books I think you should buy and read this month. I love talking about books so much. I’m glad y’all do too.

For the Right Reasons by Sean LoweUnknown

It is no surprise that I like Sean Lowe. I blogged about why his story matters, and I believe it. I think that’s a great reason to read this book. Because your story matters, my story matters, Sean’s story matters. If you are a fan of The Bachelor TV series, you’ll love a lot of the behind the scenes scoop you get from Sean’s perspective. For me personally, the section about being on Emily’s season was sooooo interesting. And his faith journey is encouraging to read.

Here is the only thing I want you to know before you read it: your life, right where you are, can be extraordinary. There were moments in Sean’s book where he didn’t like his “normal” life and I get that, but I’m a big fan of “normal” looking lives lived by very brave people. I think that changes the world. I believe that you are where you are on purpose, with a purpose, and God has called you to be brave right there.

Look at Romans 12:1 in the Message version.

So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him.

So while I do think you should read the book, and I think you will like it, I want you to read it with that caveat in mind- embrace what God is doing for you, right where you are, and that’s the best thing you can do for Him. I love that in the book, Sean continued to look to God for direction in whatever role he was placed. I don’t think being The Bachelor was ever a dream Sean had as a kid, but God was able to work through Sean to speak and minister to other contestants for sure (which is really cool to read). That’s something I love about our God: He can use you at your school, your job, your basketball practice, or your TV show. Being brave is about where He places you.

That being said, buy the book and read it.

Home Is Where My People Are by Sophie HudsonUnknown-1

Sophie brought me to my literary knees with her first book– I just could not have loved it anymore. Which, as long as we’re being honest on the blog today, scared me about her second one. I hoped she could do it again, and of course- she did.

Her storytelling is some of the finest of our generation (I’m not exaggerating), especially if you are a Southerner or like to hear about life below the Mason Dixon line. Her stories are endearing, sweet, kind, hilarious, and moving. If you’re holed up in your home because it’s cold outside, or if you’re about to head on vacation of any type, this is your book. You will fly fly fly through it, wish it was longer, and maybe start it again or loop back to her first one.

Buy it, devour it, enjoy it.

You know I love a good book conversation. So what are you reading right now? Anything new I should know about?

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