Crush Numero Uno

Oh don’t you worry. I’m sure there will be a ridiculous amount a few more to come.

But this will always be my first crush in Nashville.

The Frothy Monkey. The coffee shop. I mean seriously. How cute is this place?

At no point in my Marietta life did I ever find a coffee shop that I really LOVED. I mean, me and CoolBeans got along alright, but nothing like my first love in Athens- Jittery Joe’s. If I think hard enough, I can still smell Jitterys.

I think I hear a collective sigh of fond memories from my college friends around the globe. Shireen? Amy? Is that you I hear? I knew it.

And when I saw The Frothy Monkey on Tuesday, my heart kinda did that thing that it does when a fine upstanding young man crosses my path. I immediately began planning our future together.

With the coffee shop. Not the dude. Not that I wouldn’t, obviously I would. And I do. Its one of my more serious issues. Just not today. But with the Monkey, it’s fine to plan a future. Lots of time together. You know why? FREE INTERNET. I know. It’s beauticulous.

On Tuesday, I met a friend there for breakfast. [Celebration enough- I have a friend!] I had a parfait of yogurt, granola [read: God’s gift to the tastebuds], fruit and honey. SHUT UP. It was so good. And I was hooked.

So I went back today. And I was a little bored on the way… so I made a video.

A few things:

1) I meant for my hair to look like that.

2) The lisp. What can I say?

3) I think the whole book thing looks way more dangerous that it really was.

4) I still heart my Marietta book club girls. There is no replacement.

5) I really need to clean the windows of my car.

6) To be honest, the drink wasn’t lovely.

7) The whole video ends abruptly. Sorry.

So there you have it. A… how do you say… “organic” video. As in, I really didn’t take the time to edit it as well as I should. Who can blame me? Michael Phelps is about to race.

He’s cute. But the Frothy Monkey has my heart today.

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