Edinburgh Fringe Festival

So the Fringe Festival ends this week, but not before I took some time on Saturday to show it to you!

[You’re welcome. I know how you people like your vlogs.]

A few things:

1. Have you noticed that I rarely, if ever, let you watch a video without a zillion prefaces first? It’s still true today.

2. My hair. I’m sorry.

3. Our church leadership is in a season of fasting and prayer which probably attributes to the more somber-esque mood of the whole thing.

4. I’m still learning a new video editing program [iMovie ’11 instead of iMovieHD if you must know], so forgive any harsh transitions or volume issues.

5. One thing I love about iMovie ’11? NO LISP! Yay.

6. My flatmate Becky didn’t join me on this excursion. You’ll have to watch The Royal Wedding to see her. Sorry- I know she’s a natural and you love her. Next time.

7. Sorry it’s longer than 5 minutes. I try to edit as tight as possible, just didn’t happen in less than 5 this time. Blame it on the time difference? Videos are longer when they are made in the future? Sure.

8. At 4:02, when I say “partnering with us,” I mean Christians in general. Not Crossroads Church specifically.

That is quite a lot of prefacing for a Monday. Forgive me.

On with the video….

Questions? Comments? Concerns about my hair?

What other things would you like to see in a future Scottish vlog?

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