Nanny McAnnie Diaries- Day 1

Nanny McAnnie here, reporting from Atlanta.  Some friends of mine have gone out of the country and I’m watching their kids.  If there is anything that has steadily paid the bills throughout the last 15 years of my life, it has been ye old babysitting.  So that part is awesome.  Not to mention that I think these kids are pretty funny and I like any excuse to be in ATL.

And since the parents are, you know, on the other side of the world, we’ll be posting a video each day and a little update.

[For those reading on an RSS feed, click on over- there’s a cute little video right here.]

Today went great- ice cream, trip to Target, lots of laughs.  Only one small injury involving the drain in the bathtub and the big sister’s butt cheek/upper leg.  She cried a few tears so I called upon a classic injury joke of mine- “I guess I’m going to have to cut your leg off”.  She laughed and got over it.

Both are asleep now, the little one snoring her heart out, and I’m watching football, blogging, and then hittin’ my 1000 words for the day.

And my bfry Molly [she’s the one who likes apple pies so much] is in the hospital having her baby!  Can’t wait to show you pictures of the little joker.

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