Seen it. Read it. Heard it.

I said, “I challenge you, traditional media, to impress me!”

And traditional media [or quasi-traditional media] answered with a vengeance. I have recently enjoyed a few great movies, a few great albums, and a plethora of great books.

I’m talking books as far as the eye can see. [That’s a blatant exaggeration.]

Let’s start with movies.

I want to see Nanny McPhee. I even looked on my ONDEMAND last weekend and couldn’t find it. So I’m gonna rent it. I’ll let you know. But my all time favorite movie is Mary Poppins and I am a nanny, so I’m bound to adore it.

I saw Eat.Pray.Love. Julia Roberts was, as to be expected, absolutely darling. I read the book and the book was exciting in the same spots and boring in the same spots and new age in the same spots.

I also saw The Other Guys. Will Ferrell, you slay me.

Here’s some stuff I’m reading.

First, you must get Permission to Speak Freely by Anne Jackson. It’s beautiful. It’s easy to pick up and put down and pick up and think and dream. I think you’ll like it.

My latest addiction: The Hunger Games. Oh listen. If you haven’t started this series, carve out some time and get ready. I couldn’t stop reading. NOT AT ALL. It’s some of the best writing I’ve read in a long time. There are a handful of us living here in Nashville that are reading them and truthfully, we can’t talk about anything else.

The first book- The Hunger Games [Genius. Pure genius.]
The second book- Catching Fire [My favorite of the series.]
The third book – Mockingjay [This one literally come out a weekish ago and I read it in light speed. And I cried.]

I also am finishing up Resurrection in May. I’m crying a lot in this one too. Africa. A sweet grandfather. A farm. Flowers. Just awesome.

Here’s what I’m hearing.

For the first time, I saw She & Him perform last week at the Ryman. And listen, it was the most fun I’ve had in a while. Buy the album. Turn it up in your house. Open the windows. Then dance. And call me in the morning.

Also, a new band called Mockingbird Sun is offering their EP for FREE. That’s zero dollars. Get it, yo. Get it.

So. That should last you a while.

Share and share alike, my friends. What have you seen/read/heard?

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