I heart the weekend recap. Part 1.

All I’m saying is that I had NO IDEA that you people would feel so strongly about bathroom tile.  Up next, the laundry room!! 🙂  But for realz.  Thanks for all the sweet comments.  God is so good to us, isn’t He?

Speaking of that, I had a mini-dream come true this weekend.  This is taken on my lame camera phone, so sorry for the quality.  I absolutely LUH-HUV having my house filled with laughing people- it’s like heaven for my extroverted-hospitality driven soul.  I’m growing to deeply love these friends, and I’m not afraid to say it.


This is a bunch of my buds after a delicious dinner [made 100% by the dudes] and after we have all eaten too many cookies.  [A state of being that we like to call “cookie drunk” that has NOTHING to do with alcohol and EVERYTHING to do with filling our bodies with cookies and sugar to such a level that it makes us attempt crazy things.  Like this.]


Yep.  That’s Jason.  Cookie drunk and flying through the air.

Also last week, Marisa and I got the chance to do something AWESOME.  So of course, we thought we should make a video.  Duh.

[If you are reading in a feed reader, well.  Head on over, buckaroo, cause there’s a video here for your viewing pleasure.]

Tomorrow… new friends come to town and my first friend moves away.  Oh yeah, and it was Valentine’s Day.  And someone gave me a present. Patient, grasshopper.  You shall know all things on Tuesday.

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