2009: The Year I Refused to Recap.

I just can’t do it.

I recapped in 2007. I recapped in 2008.

But there is just something different about 2009.

I’m not going to say I’ve peaked. [Cause good gracious I hope that it’s not all downhill from here.] But without reservation, I will tell you that 2009 so overshot all my expectations, that there really is no way of doing it justice.

These two things are still true: I have no book on a shelf anywhere for you to buy. And I’m still deeply single.

And I tell you those two things to tell you this one thing: I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. Not for a New York Times #1 best seller. Not for the house and the husband and the 2.5 kids.

I want those things. But I want you to know that in my deepest core, down in my “knower,” all I can do is thank God for the good that He so freely gave in 2009. It’s not about what I don’t have, it’s about what I do have.

I saw the world this year- road trip to Waco, Texas, a month in Orange County, California, two weeks in Cape Town, South Africa, a day in London, two weekend trips to Chicago, Macy’s Parade in NYC, girls’ weekend at the beach in Florida, conferences in Mt. Hermon, CA and Charlotte, NC.

I’ve had a gazillion part time jobs and honestly, I have loved them all. Yes, even The Local Taco. It’s been a crazy freelance year. I walked into Anne‘s house one day in July to help her paint after having just lost THREE jobs in the 30 minute car ride to her home. We prayed over our Subway sandwiches that God would work it out. And then I watched as He provided.

I’ve been on the roller coaster of this writing career thing. It’s taken me to some amazing highs and some ice-cream-necessary lows. It’s been nothing that I expected, yet nothing I would change. I’m loving writing for (in)courage, SheSeeks, Susie Magazine, and some top secret things I can’t tell you until 2010. 🙂 But the roller coaster has turned into a slow moving locomotive. And I dig that.

And my friends? My Nash-family? My Marietta family? Don’t even get me started. I’ll be bawling like a baby up in here.

It wasn’t all fun, by any means. I lost my grandmother this year. I crushed on boys that didn’t like me back. I cried tears of frustration and worry and brokenness. I bounced a check. And I sinned. Ugh. That’s for sure.

But it was my 2009. My story.

If I wrote poetry [that I let you see], that would be an appropriate recap for this year. Or a song. Or a painting. Something with creative energy and flow and beauty.

Instead, I direct you to scripture. Because God is a great recapper. 🙂

Lamentations 3

Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.

Amen. No matter what 2010 brings, these words remain true. He is loving. He is my great reward. He is enough.

And for that, I am grateful.

What did you love about your 2009?

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