Seriously. That is the time right this very minute.

Sick, right?  I know.  I totally agree.  I had to stay up late finishing some work and then the next thing you know, I’m buzzing through my inbox trying to get as close to zero as possible and thinking, “I should really blog now”.  Which let me just say, no one really knows how this is going to go because as evidenced before, my late night blogging tends to be ridiculous.

You’ve been warned.

Really would this be late night blogging or crazily early morning blogging? [And so it begins…..]

First of all, THANK YOU [times eleventy billion] for all your sweet comments about my exciting news earlier this week.  Now that I’ve signed on the dotted line, I can actually give you more information, which some of your smart google-stalkers already figured it out yourselves [which I was betting would happen].

Books & Such is a literary agency. So I officially have an agent. Does that mean that I just made a ton of money? Not even. The book has not been published and it does not have a publisher [yet]. But having an agent means that her job is to get the book published.  So that’s pretty crazy exciting. Like, way exciting. And I’ve spent the last two days working REALLY HARD on some parts  of my book- hence the lack of blogging.  And then mailing to my agent.

Because I have an agent. [That’s still fun to say.]

It’s not the be-all-end-all, but it is a really big step in the right direction for you to be able to go in to your Borders and find something there that I wrote.

That just made me shudder. Cause that thought is crazy.  Crazy cool.

I am so hungry all the sudden.  If I’m this hungry when I’m awake at 4:25am, am I this hungry when I’m asleep at 4:25am?

[The Wacko-Train seems to be coming into the station.  Sorry.]

I’m starting to put together a database of youth ministers/college ministers/book store owners/etc. that I can contact regarding my book and possibly speaking for the girls in their ministry.  I LOVE speaking at events because HELLO I LOVE MICROPHONES. And talking about Jesus to young women. Not in that order. So if you know any youth dudes/sistas or any good contacts for me, send them via the “contact” page [conveniently titled] or email me at annieblogs [at] gmail [dot] com. Or if you know of any event that is looking for a female speaker, throw my name in the hat and let me know and I’ll send my media kit.

On a completely different topic- the new Facebook? Don’t even get me started.  Grrrr….

On another completely different topic- is anybody out there watching Grey’s Anatomy because I’d just like to thank the people at Grey’s for proving once again that I can weep, like WEEP, at a completely fictional story. The face transplant last week? MOVING, y’all.  [I can’t wait for the day that someone googles “face transplant” and ends up here- welcome, and listen, you don’t need a face transplant. You’re so pretty. Believe it.]

I think that’s all I can muster tonight/this morning/ish.

I have a few pretty exciting things to tell you about in the next five days, so come on back.  And bring a friend. Cause this little corner of the internet sky? It’s a fun place to be.

4:48am.  Just in case you were curious how long it took me to write this rabbit trail.

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