A birthday.

Today is Easter. Blogging on Sunday. This is getting ridiculous. I wish Chick-fil-A was this wishy-washy about being open on Sundays.

Don’t forget, you’ve got about 20 hours to try to win a free book.

Also, thanks to all the super sweet friends of mine who came over this weekend to help me pack. Your love looked like Jesus.

But these are not the reasons I chose to break my Sunday blog rule. I couldn’t wait!! I just had to show you my new favorite girl!!

Welcome to our world Carys Lee Watkins!!

(Daughter of my best friend Haley and her awesome husband Jeff. Little sister to my favorite dude Jarrett, who you saw in similar form only 14 months ago.)

Carys (said “Care-is”) made her grand arrival around 4:45am this morning- on her due date. As Molly and I drug our sleeping bodies into the hospital, I said, “It’s got to be a girl. Only a girl would insist on coming on her due date in the middle of the night.” And low and behold, I was right!

Yeah, we’re all tired, sister. Cut the drama. Yawning. Please. I don’t bore you. Yet.

She is 7 lbs. 14 ounces, and stretched 18 inches. Her hands and feet are beautiful and perfect. She has a full head of DARK hair, but her eyebrows and long eyelashes and almost invisibly blonde, so we’re thinking she’ll be a blondie.

Dang. We love her already. I mean, are you kidding? She’s so cute and tiny.

Every single time a friend of mine has a baby, it amazes me. The Lord handmade Carys for Jeff and Haley. And for us. And for the world.

This experience was very different from when Jarrett was born. Besides the middle of the night business, Haley also had this baby QUICK. Carys wanted out and Haley was glad to oblige. Now Haley’s hard labor has ended, as captured in this photo.

This picture is hilarious. I will say. But what makes it even funnier is that Haley, holding this position, was actually using the button to make her bed recline. The whirring of the bed laying down and her model pose made for quite a good moment.

She is one funny mama, y’all. I cannot thank God enough for Haley and Molly. I love them, their husbands, and their offspring so deeply. And I refuse to write more about that because I’m tired of crying. So I will move on….

Dear Carys,

Nice arrival this morning, but don’t ever wake me up that early again. 🙂 Just kidding.

I’m so glad to finally meet you. You have been a part of our lives since Haley let us know this summer that you were on the way, but I’m thrilled to be a part of your life now. Listen, I’m moving in a few months, so we’ve really got to hang out a lot between now and August. And I want you to know, Carys, that just because I’m moving doesn’t mean you are any less important to me. You will always be one of my favorites. I will come to your birthday parties and tell you too many times how I’ve loved you since the day you were born. I will cry with pride when you graduate high school and I will sit with your parents at your wedding reception and be amazed at how beautiful you look. And I’m expecting you to babysit my kids in the future, so get ready.

I’m not moving out of your life, just out of your city for a while.

God has made you, called you to be His own, and His plan for you is so much bigger than we can dream for you. Your parents are wise, trust them to hear Him for you. And always love Him more than anything else.

Happy birthday.


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