A habitual injury.

For most of my adult life, I’ve had a knot right on the front center of my shin. Sometimes it is colorless, but I always know it is there because it is really tender to the touch. Other times, it is black and blue, obviously the victim of a recent collision with some sort of something shin-level.

It never goes away. As much as I try [and listen. I try.], I always run into some object that has the exact point of impact as every other object. Right leg. Front. Middle of shin.

It’s kinda ridiculous.

Coffee table. Car door. Knob on dresser. Stool leg. [And that was just TODAY.] I never intentionally do it, but the moment it happens, I slap my head and say in frustration, “I CAN NOT BELIEVE I JUST DID THAT AGAIN!” Then I begin to gently touch the spot, rubbing the hurt out like Mama taught me to, and then look to see how deep the bruising is going to go.

So I think I’m going to be that girl who, for eternity, has a shin injury. It seems that no matter what I do, I keep re-injuring the exact same place. And I don’t know what’s worse- the injury or the frustration. Because it’s not just that it hurts, it’s that there is a scar there already and why in the world do I keep smacking into that same exact place?

You would think, at some point, I would learn the lessons that would protect me. Proceed with caution. Slow down. Pay attention. Watch out.

Every time it happens, I say, “Annie, stop doing that. Gracious, child, don’t you remember how much this hurts?”

I should be more careful with where I place my shin.

And my heart.

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