A sad, sad, letter.

*We interrupt this regularly scheduled police blog talk (but keep the awesome stories coming!) to deal with a fashion heartbreak.*

Dear Overstock.com,

Last week, I was looking all over your website for a beautiful dress.  See, Overstock.com, I’m going to a semi-formal Christmas party on Saturday night.  I’m really excited about it.  Because I know we just met, Overstock.com, I’ll just confess that I’m not one for fancy attire or dresses in general.  But you had me at matte chiffon, Overstock.com. So I ordered it.

In blue.  Gorgeous, isn’t it? Great price, by the way.  And according to my fashionista friend Amber, it would like “great on my figure”.

Overstock.com, I don’t hear that phrase too much, so I was REALLY REALLY happy about the find.

And it was supposed to arrive on Tuesday.

But today, Overstock.com, I began to worry. So I checked on the order because it should have been here by now.  And you know what?  It’s BACK IN NEW JERSEY.  The website says that I “REFUSED THIS DELIVERY” at 6:19pm on Tuesday.

Do you know what I was doing at 6:19pm on Tuesday, Overstock.com?  I was sitting on my couch, eating turkey penne, and watching Reba.  I wasn’t refusing anything.  And no email or anything letting me know it was on the way and I should be looking for it?  Or that someone had tried to deliver it? Come on, Overstock.com.  That hurts.

So now, Overstock.com, you have broken my barely beating fashion heart.  What am I supposed to do?  You have no clue how fragile my dress wearing love is.  Your customer service guy couldn’t have been nicer, but he can’t get the dress her until Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY, Overstock.com! That’s way past fashionably late for this party.

So sadly, Overstock.com, I believe my first order with you shall be my last.  My sensitive self can’t handle this kind of party dress dilemma.  I have 48 hours to find a semi-formal dress.  Just that sentence makes me want to cry and throw up.  I’m not overly fashionable, Overstock.com, but I was in love with that dress. I know a cute dress when I see one.  And you can see it too- it’s in your warehouse in New Jersey.

[deep sigh of disappointment]

Headed to the mall with my head hung low,

Annie the Dress-less

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