An Untold Miracle.

Today, we watched this video at school. AT SCHOOL. It’s listed in our school’s collection of videos. It’s one of three videos that are Christmas stories from around the world. We watched them, and other religious holiday videos (i.e- Hanukkah), to compare/contrast how different countries and religions celebrate. So let me just put that out there first and foremost. THIS IS PART OF OUR CURRICULUM.

It’s a little long- 9 minutes. But it is a BEAUTIFUL story of the power of Jesus when He speaks, and touches, the lives of children. Not only healing the body, but healing the HEART. My kids were silent- completely drawn in. They were connecting with the little boy; God only knows on how many levels. Oh, it was awesome.

At the very end, after a long and heart felt discussion, a kid asked “Ms. Downs, is this story true?”

I said, “Buddy, what do you think?”

His answer, “Yes, ma’am. I think Jesus could do that.”

I said, “Yeah. Yeah He can.”

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