And so begins 14 days without gluten… or advice.

This blog post comes in three parts. You’re welcome for the warning.

. . . . .

Part 1. Happy Easter.

I hope yesterday was really awesome for you. I get to attend Cross Point twice each Sunday [once in the morning with friends and once in the evening to serve] and I am so glad. The service was amazing- Pete was spot on in his preaching and the staff serves like crazy from start to finish. I my church.

Part 2. Gluten-Free.

You guys. Get this. So I think you know, but I get pretty severe migraines. They sometimes go away for months, but then will come back with a vengeance. I have a couple of triggers- one weird one being if I run late in the mornings and have to hustle and bustle to get ready, I’m guaranteed a visit from the migraine fairy around 3pm. So bizarro.

I also have some food triggers- I can’t eat dark chocolate or pork [whah. I love bacon and ham!] and I can’t drink caffeine or red wine. Most recently I have heard a LOT of folks telling me that gluten is a migraine trigger for some. Because I would m.u.c.h. rather control my headaches naturally than taking pills, my chiropractor has me doing two weeks gluten free.

[Some websites say go 1-2 months without gluten and I’m all, “Don’t go there” and then I’m all, “WHAT KIND OF WORLD IS THIS WHEN WHEAT BRINGS ME PAIN?!?”]

Any of you guys out there gluten-free? Help me! Tell me what you know. Share your wisdom. If this dietary change can knock these migraines out, I will sadly wave goodbye to my favorite food group [CARBS!] for the promise of a headache free future.

Speaking of telling me what you know….

Part 3. Advice free.

I am such a people pleaser. When I find myself in situations that I don’t necessarily know RIGHT AWAY the best thing to do, I ask for advice. That’s a good thing until you are taking in SO MUCH advice that you no longer trust yourself and you are trying to make the decisions your friends tell you to because you want to make them happy. Like this graph explains:

[You’d be embarrassed for me if I told you how long that took me to make.]

In a few situations lately, I’ve felt very immature and incapable of doing the right thing. But I think it is because of the chart – I have told myself that I cannot trust my own heart, I can only trust the knowledge of others.

Not true.

God lives in me. Wisdom and Godly counsel are REALLY good things, but when wisdom from others supersedes your desire to listen to Jesus in you, tis a problem.

I have a problem.

So I’ve warned the 10ish people that I look to for advice that I’m taking a fourteen day break.

I’m just going to live. Pray. Talk to God. And do the best I can– I may make mistakes, I may make decisions that other people won’t agree with [it makes me feel nervous just to type that], and I may cry a lot because I feel alone and scared and like I am going to screw up my life [I am not]. But I have to learn to trust the Holy Spirit in me more than I trust the friends that God has given to me.

. . . . .

So pretty much what I’m saying is that for the next fourteen days, I have to live without two of my favorite things: carbs and other people’s approval. My friend Allison says I may be in for a bit of an emotional rollercoaster – losing the comfort of carbs while also choosing to walk some paths alone – with God, but without the other voices.

Sounds like a great time. [sarcasm]

I’m scared.

In the words of Carrie Underwood, Jesus take the wheat.

[PS- seriously. Still give me gluten-free advice. That does NOT fit in the “no advice” category- it’s different. I promise.]

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