Annies are talented.

First of all, my roommate saw RON at Kroger today (you may remember him- I’m his baby). He was leaning on the glass in the meat department, flirting [gasp] with the butcher lady. Talking about his tattoo. In a sleeveless shirt. Obviously.

I am so very jealous that I didn’t see him. I almost stole the story and made it my own, but that would be lying. And though the only lie I have told so far in Tennessee was directly to Ron, I figured it was time to stop that trend. Because then those of you who have my phone number will ring me endlessly wanting to laugh about it and I will feel really bad for lying to all my friends.


In what has become “Live Music Tuesdays”, I got to go hear my dear bloggy friend Annie singin’ and strummin’ the night away. She was awesome. And no, at no point tonight did she call me baby. At least not to my face. Behind my back? I don’t know. Which honestly, if you really want to call me baby so much that you choose to do it behind my back, then I say bravo to you. Go ahead with yo-self.

Ahem. Where was I?

Ok, yeah. She was SO SO good.

So here’s a lame grainy picture of Annie. All I had was my phone. Freshman mistake.

And let me tell you this. I don’t care how talented you are (Annie is), whether you play the guitar the best in the world (Annie does) and sing the roof off the place (Annie did), the fact that anyone is brave enough to sit on stage in front of crowds of people and sing their own songs earns my respect (Annie has).

If it gets the Annie Parsons approval, I’ll show you the video too. No pressure, Annie. All my people are just waiting on it…..

Update- video permission granted. Booyah. Remember, this is from my cell phone- terrible picture, beautiful voice. Next time [and there will be one] I’ll do a real live bona fide video.

I’m getting crafty tomorrow. I’ll show you. Maybe our first step-by-step craft project? I know that has all the fellas excited.

But for tonight, I finish blogging to go watch Flipping Out: The Reunion Show. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is absolutely worth staying up for. Oh yeah, and its really not a big deal to stay up until midnight because I don’t have a “job” so I really don’t have to “wake up” at any certain time. I also don’t have a “paycheck”, so….

My friend Brad the Canadian Pastor is doing a series of posts on his personal struggles with lust. I respect his openness and honesty and I love what the Lord did in his life. He’s a good man. Check it out.

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