Another sister.

Another birthday.  You may remember the little video I made for Tatum on her 27th birthday in October.

Well, little Sally is turning 21.  And because I think that embarrassment is the highest form of compliment, let me present this photograph of us from 1991, I’m guessing.  Yes, that makes me 11. And trendy to the max.  And Tatum’s face is worth about a zillion dollars.  And little Sally, with the haircut that, to this day, I think is the most darling thing in the world.sisters So for Sally’s 21st birthday, I’m going to tell her 21 things.

Ready?  Go.

1. You are funny.

2. You really weren’t adopted, like we used to tell you.

3. I guess now is as good a time as any to say that you also didn’t have a twin brother who died, like we used to tell you.

4. When I used to read Bearenstain Bears books to you, I always skipped a few pages in the middle.  Sorry.

5. I love seeing you doing ministry full time.

6. It amazes me how much you love Auburn.  Not because you didn’t go to Georgia, but just because it’s cool to see how God has provided friends for you there that feel like family.

7. I like Christmas presents the best when you pass them out.

8. I wish you still lived at home so I could steal your clothes.

9. I know you slept in my room at home.  Sprite can in the trash?  Busted.

10. I’m really grateful for what a great sister Tatum is to you.  I know I kinda suck at being a sister, but Tatum doesn’t, so you get the good with the bad.  Congrats.

11. Drinking is fine.  In MODERATION.

12. Just don’t be stupid. Or get drunk.  The Bible is pretty serious about not getting drunk.  So you be serious about it too.

13. But the Bible says nothing about getting drunk on cupcakes, so partake as much as you see fit.

14. I wish I was as smart as you.

15. Cause you are by far the smartest of the three of us.

16. If I was 21 again, I would tell myself to trust God more.

17. Sorry that I always treat you like you are my kid.  I don’t know why either.

18. Do you know it used to seriously stress me out to watch you tube behind the boat because I knew if you fell out way back there I wouldn’t be able to rescue you?

19. You’re pretty good at staying on the tube.  Thanks for that.

20. Happy birthday, Sally.  I’m really excited to see what adulthood holds for you.

21. I love you.


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