Cankle ’08

The drugs?  I do not prefer them.  They make me feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride, and not the exhilarating kind.  The puke-your-brains-out kind.

I’m bizarrely running a fever and have been fighting a migraine all day.  So to say “Hey this is great, Annie can get a lot of work done” is true but has been unfortunately not true.

Let me show you some shots of the CANKLE ’08.  Consider yourself warned.  This is not my most attractive appendage.  [That would be my right wrist- it’s really cute.]

I have an appointment at 7:30am on Friday.  I’m hoping for a great night tonight- unlike last night, when it took me approximately ten minutes to get to the kitchen at 3:30am.

The bright side:

– I have some SUPER SWEET friends here in town that have helped me anytime I needed it.

– I still have both legs.  I am really grateful for the days my legs do work right.  And the idea of them working right again.

The ways you can pray:

– I’m struggling with some sadness- the lack of family, the struggle to walk from one room to the next, the soft whisper in my ear that tells me I’m all alone in the world [I don’t believe it, but I hear it], the disruption of my normal life

– The pain.  Not cool.  Especially when combined with a headache and nausea.

– I joke about the clumsiness, but honestly.  Let’s pray that whatever it is that is causing this new self-injury problem would go away.  Without freaking anyone out, I just want to remind you that our battle is not against flesh and blood and that our enemy is all about killing, stealing, and destroying.

I may be down, but I’m not out.  God is bigger than the boogie-man… and a sprained ankle.

And, may I also add, that according to my trainer, this is NO DAIRY NOVEMBER.  And nothing adds insult to injury like not being allowed to eat ice cream or yogurt or cheese.  Especially cheese.

I want a pizza.

Good night.

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