Coffee shops.

By the way, I should have NEVER said “I promise” at the end of that last post.

That was dishonest and I apologize.

You know I spent time in Waco, TX this weekend and, this won’t shock you, I spent a large chunk of my money time at a local coffee shop called Common Grounds.  I’m second degree friends with the owner, Jill.  [You know, my friend is friends with her… so second degree.]

And this morning Kat asked me to directly compare Common Grounds and Frothy Monkey.

**Before this post continues, please remember that all the opinions expressed on this here blog belong to this here blogista.  And it is okay if you disagree with me.  And it is okay if you agree with me.  And it is okay if you agree to disagree with me.**

Common Grounds gets one big point for the weather last weekend.  Agreed, they had NOTHING to do with the weather, but it was just super nice to sit outside with my chai, wearing flip flops, and read my book club book.

Frothy, on the other hand, is located in Nashville, which presently, I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt, turtle neck sweater, and pea coat, sitting under 2 blankets.  So yeah, it’s cold.

CG 1 FM 0

Common Grounds has a really REALLY cool vibe.  Almost akin to the Fido vibe, which you know I am not cool enough to pull off.  Oh, but I want to be.  Real bad.

Frothy loves me as I am, while still remaining very cool and trendy.  Frothy is like your super cool older brother who is the star football player but still gives you a ride to school.  Common Grounds is your older brother’s best friend, who hangs out at your house and knows your name, but he is so cool that he still makes you a little nervous.

CG 1 FM 1

The outside of Common Grounds has some great seating and a stage for musicians to perform.  I bet that it is amazing in the fall when Texas starts to cool off.  [Does Texas ever cool off?]

Frothy does have tables outside, but they aren’t comfy and cutesy.  Just metal tables and chairs.

CG 2 FM 1

Common Grounds makes a delicious chai.

So does Frothy.

[Can I take this moment to say that I miss my non-fat white chocolate mocha, stirred, with no whip?  Cause I do.  I’m a tea drinker now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss the good ole days of coffee consumption.]

CG 3 FM 2

Common Grounds is in Waco.

Frothy is in Nashville.  [And I live in Nashville, just in case you needed to understand why that earns Frothy a point.]

CG 3 FM 3

We ran into our friend Sean [he runs an awesome non-profit called Falling Whistles] and got to hang with him a little bit at Common Grounds.

Today at Frothy I saw Seth, Skip, Chris, Greg, Rachael, Molly, Nicole, Krista, Rusty, and Mary Katherine.

CG 4 FM 10

Common Grounds is the very best coffee shop that Waco has to offer.  Great drinks, great atmosphere, totally cool vibe, lots of couches and chairs, and a rad place to go hear a show.

But Frothy Monkey stole my heart five months ago and I’ve always been a one-coffee-shop kind of gal.  Just ask Jittery Joe’s.  [deep sigh… I miss you, Athens, Georgia.]

To answer your question Kat, while I do agree that Common Grounds is awesome, Frothy is still #1 to me.

Congrats, Frothy Monkey.  You have won one of the most unimportant awards in the world- Annie’s List of Favorites.

So here’s my question to y’all-

What’s your favorite coffee shop in your city?

[And you can SO say Starbucks, because there is something quite beautiful about the consistency it offers across the globe.  I don’t judge you.]

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