Costco… I love you.

Let me tell you something you may, or may not, know about me. I, as a faithful member of the Downs family, live by this motto- the 7 Ps. Mom calls it the 6 Ps- can you guess which word she leaves out?

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Read it again. Think about it. It’s good. Real good.

Here is a prime example of living by the 7 Ps- when I buy shampoo, I buy 2 bottles. Every time. Because it would be COMPLETELY against the 7 Ps to have to go out and buy a bottle the day you run out. That is NOT prior proper planning. The 7 Ps would say, “Buy more than you need so that when you run out, there is a backup right there in case you are unable to go to the store that night.” And it costs the same in the long run. I love it. Thank you, Tom Downs, for teaching me the best (non-Biblical) motto in the world.

Costco, my new crush, is 7 Ps heaven. No joke.

Here is why I went today. Now that I’m a one-woman show at my house, I figure I can 7 Ps the whole place- top to bottom. So I went for toilet paper and paper towels. In mass quantity.

As I entered, I knew I was in trouble when a magazine rack for only $15 caught my eye. This is the perfect storm for me- bulk items and home decor that is CHEAP. Have I mentioned that about myself? I’m mildly Scroogical about my money, so I’m ALWAYS trying to save a penny.

I’m pushing my cart along, now holding a new magazine rack, and everything is calling out to me- from movie tickets to sharpies to books. But I’m being smart- “Don’t put it ALL in the cart, Downs. Bulk is good. Debt is not.”

I get what I came for- paper towels. Toilet paper. And oh, clementines? My favorite citrus fruit? Okay, one box won’t hurt. And yeah, I am a little low on cleaning supplies- 3 cans of Pledge here, a HUGE bottle of Tide there. No big deal. I’m almost out of cereal- biggest box of Honey Bunches of Oats ever created? Don’t mind if I do. Hello, six truly large cans of stewed tomatoes- I don’t know why, but I’m buying you.

A $50 DVD set of all three Anne of Green Gables movies? Absolut…… wait….. $50? Uh, no. You won’t fool me on this one, Costco. Don’t take advantage of my love for you…. and Prince Edward Island.

Some money later, I walk out victorious- doing the 7 Ps strut. I’ve beaten the rain, I have supplies for the tomato soup I’m making for dinner (now), and I have enough paper towels to soak up Lake Burton.

It was all together awesome. I get home and think, “You know what I should do with all this stuff from Costco?”

Yep. Check it.

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