Fiercely Fiona.

A few years ago, I wanted to paint my fingernails yellow.

Caroline told me no. I don’t remember why. Probably because it wasn’t cool in 2007 or because she knew that I wasn’t cool enough to pull it off in 2007.

But I’m cool enough now.

Our hilariously belated Christmas gift from Barrett at Mocha Club was a manicure for the three girls on staff. Knowing we were all headed to the beach for the RACE OF A LIFETIME I CAN’T WAIT THIS IS GONNA BE AN AWESOME 13 MILES!, we decided to get fresh manicures for the torture race.

And this color called to me, just like it did back in 2007.

There she is, in all of her “OPI Shrek Forever After Brights Collection” glory. Fiercely Fiona. Yellow. Bright. Me likey.

With the full confidence in Caroline’s approval at this state of life, I went for it.

I was fierce. I was Fiona.

And I love it. I mean, so much. The beauty, dare I say the fierceness, distracts me multiple times a day and I just stare down at my own nails.

Look how cute our hands are!

The other two. They are so lovely and normal.

I, on the other hand [punny!], I am not normal.

I am fierce.

And Fiercely Fionas are the kind of girls who finish half-marathons.


. . . . . . . . . .

OPI has some of the greatest nail polish names. Do you have a favorite?

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