Happy birthday(s)!!

Today I celebrate two awesome women.

My mama Pamela S. Downs Proprietor. (That’s a little name she has inherited since she opened the tea shop. She will tell you it is “President” not Proprietor, but Proprietor is funnier. So go with it.)

While we are on the subject, ye old tea shop is closing it’s doors in about 2 weeks. So if you are a fan of tea or a fan of 50% off of anything, you should probably stop by.

I think this is funny- I call her Mama. Tatum calls her Momma (which is wrong). And Sally calls her Mommy. Sigmund Freud would probably have a hay-day with that. (What’s a “hay-day” and why do I know how to use it but not define it?)

So happy birthday, Mama. I’m glad you were born. I’m glad you’re my mom. I’m glad we both live in Marietta. I’m about to write a long paragraph about Caroline, but length of paragraph does not equal depth of love. Sometimes it is the things that mean the most to me that I have the smallest vocabulary for. Love you, Mama.

And another happy birthday to notmyreal mom Caroline. Yes, related to notmyreal Aunt Jennifer. A bunch of us got together and made Caroline a gift centered around the word “inspired”. Everyone finished this sentence- “Because of Caroline, I am inspired to….” The answers were emailed to me. It astounded me. People always say “If I could be half the person, blah blah blah”. But my friend David taught me to say this instead- I want to bless twice the people that Caroline has blessed – then her legacy and blessing will have multiplied. And when all these people that emailed me bless people beyond Caroline’s reach, it is jewels in her crown that she will lay before the Father, whom she adores in our presence now, calling all of us to deeper love with God.

And she makes some darn fine cornbread.

Most anything you admire in me is a result mostly of my Mama with some reinforcements from women like Caroline. So someday when my daughters (though I hope for sons) amaze you and astound you with their depth and breadth of knowledge, you will know, as I know, that is has nothing to do with me. It is the grace of God and legacy of women before me.

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