Kinda like humorists? Get it? Play on words?…. Hello?…. Is this thing on?


One night this week, a few girls and I went out to eat. We had a blast. Seriously, Chili’s hasn’t held that much genuine laughter in a long time. At one point, Steph made a stellar joke. The timing was perfect, the inflection in her voice was spot on, the post joke comedic pause set her on a pedestal in my mind from which she will not soon be removed.

Since dinner, I have been thinking about people that I think are really funny. Not necessarily people that I know because really, it would be unwise to prove to you that I am not the funniest person we know. I gotta keep you coming back for the jokes.

But I surely don’t mind pushing you in the direction of famous funny people.

So here is my list of top funny famous people that I do not know but desperately want to be friends with at some point in my life:

5. Dave Barnes. Duh. You saw that coming a million miles away. [If you didn’t, Hi. My name is Annie. Welcome to the blog. We like Dave Barnes here.]

4. Steve Carell. Whether it’s Anchorman or The Office, this man is a comedic genius. Truthfully, he is just an all around amazing actor, and that makes him funnier. Drawback- I bet he’s the kind of comedian that is stoic in real life. I have negative amounts of proof of this, which is further reason that I need to be real friends with him- so I can dispel all the rumors that I have made up.

3. Vince Vaughn. Y’all. I just got done watching Dodgeball (on TV, so it’s mostly appropriate), and I laughed my tail feathers off. Mainly because of Vince. He is dry and quick witted and I wonder how much of the humor he does in movies is ad lib, because I think he is that smart. Drawback- many of his movies aren’t what you might call “family friendly” or “a film you can rent at the Blockbuster in Heaven”. But if you can catch them on TV, you may not feel like a bad person after you laugh at the jokes.

2. Chris Farley. Though I’m not one to judge a man’s heart, I don’t know that this is going to happen since he died a few years ago. But when he sings “Fat guy in a little coat” in Tommy Boy, I laugh every time like it’s new. It’s that funny. I could watch Tommy Boy and Black Sheep (the underrated and under appreciated stepbrother of Tommy Boy) once a week and laugh outloud every time. Drawback- umm… not a resident of Earth.

1. Will Ferrell. There are no words. To sit at a table with him would be too much. Just go on YouTube and search him- you will crack up. [Again, not all things are appropriate, so I do not endorse him as a wholesome role model. But he’s funny y’all.] I also think his mind is constantly reworking jokes and accents and hilarity. He is naturally funny AND he works at it. Bravo.

If you have the ability to make me friends with any of these people sometime before I die, I’ll give you a rousing round of applause and a small token of my appreciation, probably a baked good or Happy Meal toy.

Watch SNL tonight- Steve Carell is the host. You will laugh so hard that you pee your pants a little. And when you do, remember I called it. And then go change.

Let's be friends!

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