I can’t resist.

I’m pretty hard core, I’ll admit. I usually stand up against technological pressures (i.e- MySpace, Facebook, CDs, DVDs, toilet paper, blogs, etc.).

But alas, I have fallen. I am weak. I want a blog. And now I have one.

I think things like this, and MySpace (which I adore now), are strangely therapeutic. I can brain puke all the wrinkles and laughs and heartaches of my life onto the screen and then simply hit “publish” and it is gone from my mind… at least for a few minutes. Blogs calls us to be vulnerable, but to whom, really? No one officially. But if I’m going to really pursue this full time writing gig, I’m going to have to be okay with having invisible readers, but trusting they are out there. (Please, don’t be offended. You are not literally invisible.)

So I’m a blogger. And I have the likes of Tatum, Caroline, Heather (the International Bad H) , and an invisible friend, Lauren, to thank for this new found freedom and enjoyment.

And for your personal knowledge, I have also accepted all the previously mentioned technological advances except Facebook. And that decision was based merely on my… ahem… age.

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