I finally saw The Hunger Games.

This entire post is about The Hunger Games movie. If you have not read the book or seen the movie and don’t want the experience to be spoiled, this is your moment to exit and I’ll see you tomorrow. Hugs and waves and stuff!!!

The rest of you guys, let’s talk.

I turned in the edited manuscript for Perfectly Unique on Tuesday [a week ago today, to be precise] and then my brain needed a break so I went to see The Hunger Games, at 4pm, totally alone.

By totally alone I mean, I WAS THE ONLY HUMAN IN THE THEATER.

It was surreal.

And then about five minutes into the movie two other girls came in and I yelled, “Good! Now I feel normal!” Proving once again that I am, in fact, absolutely NOT normal.

I have read all three books of the series and I love them. Love love love them. I was worried the movie wouldn’t show me the story I had already seen in my mind’s eye, as tends to be the problem with books that become movies.

But truthfully, overall, I think they nailed it.

Favorite parts/thoughts:

– I love the costuming. I love how District 12 looks just how I picture West Virginia circa 1920. I think the Capitol outfits are amazing. The contrast between the two is visually shocking, isn’t it?

– I’m on Team Gale. Always have been, always will be. He’s a man.

– I appreciate how they handled the severe violence of the story. You knew what was happening [i.e- children killing each other], but you didn’t have to SEE it much. I know that was a big worry for lots of us going into the film. So I’m grateful for how they handled that.

– Jennifer Lawrence. The girl playing Katniss. My. Word. She was BORN for it.

– Woody Harrelson. Slam dunk. [Or should I say “Slam Drunk”? YOU ARE WELCOME.]

– Stanley Tucci. Stop it. But don’t. Ever. You’re too good.

[so what I am saying is the casting director needs a bonus check of a gazillion dollars.]

Truthfully, this list could go on and on. The scenery was beautiful, the camera work, the computer graphics, all of it. Suzanne Collins has to be pleased- the movie mirrored the book beautifully in so many ways. The soundtrack is stellar, the emotions are there in this. Y’all. I just loved it.


Least fav parts/thoughts:

– Peeta. Ehh. Not overly impressed. Never have been.

– One of the most moving parts of the first book is when District 11 sends bread to Katniss for her care towards Rue. I was sad this was left out of the movie.

– I feel like the depth of friendship between Katniss and Cinna wasn’t grown the way it was in the book. They tried to show it but without the details it looked rushed.


Overall? Yes and yes. Worth the read first, though, for sure. In fact, I regret not re-reading The Hunger Games before seeing it.

I do not, on the other hand, regret going to see a movie by myself. No one judged the size of my coke icee or made me take my feet off the chairs in front of me. So, I win. The odds were ever in my favor.

. . . . .

Have you seen the movie? Read the books? What was your favorite part? Least favorite part? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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