I have good news. And bad news. That created new news.

Here’s the good news- my most awesome web hostess Lauren has fixed the tabs across the top of my blog so that now the blogroll has its own special place.  Spectacular.

The bad news that created new news- I am poor.  Not like “lose my home” poor, but more like “Dear God, I need Your help” poor.  And He’s been answering in weird and nice ways.  Including, but not limited to, getting the opportunity to join the BlogHer network as evidenced by the ad to the right (the new news).  I love BlogHer and I appreciate what they do- I’m excited to be a part of this.

If you and I have talked in person about ads on blogs, you know how I feel.  But I’m treating this as a portion of God’s provision for me.  Does it affect you at all?  I hope not.  Does it affect this blog?  What I write?  Who I am?  NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT.

I could have just added it and let it be, but that feels dishonest and its not how I roll.  We’re friends, you and I, at least I think so.  So I’m telling you when things change up in here just like I’d tell a friend.  I honestly don’t even think you’ll notice, especially you google reader readers out there.

I feel weird about this whole thing but that’s because I have deep issues involving blogging and money and friends [and ice cream and cheese, just FYI]. I’m just trying to keep my financial head above water and seriously if we talk much more about it I will ugly cry.  [Because dear money, you make me feel safe. Amen.] I’m CHOOSING to trust God and I KNOW that He has called me to this life and He is faithful. And He is opening doors to meet my financial needs. [Dear God, you are my safety. Amen.]

And now the good news.  Again.  Look how cute this picture is of Robin, me, Shannon, and Amber.  It’s from Blissdom Conference a few weeks ago. I love these women. (Thanks, Robin!)


And gracious.  I still haven’t even told you about my Valentine’s gift!  Augh!  Tomorrow- that’s a perfect Friday blog.

And I can’t stop reading Bachelor spoilers. But that has nothing to do with anything, now does it?

Much love, bloggites and blogmies.

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