I really do love you.

Even when I don’t blog first thing Monday morning.

Here’s why my blog post is delayed and not so good (anticipatory statement):

1. I’m working A LOT- tons of freelance work has come in the last few weeks (NO COINCIDENCE, y’all!) and so most of my writing time is busy. Busy. BUSY.

2. I’m getting ready for SheSpeaks and some things that go along with that. So. That’s all I can say about that.

3. I can’t talk about any of the writing projects I’m working on. So instead of filling your brain space with ridiculously unimportant writing, I’d rather just stay quiet. Until I can tell you. Cause then it will be really exciting.

4. Our community is in a really REALLY fun place. And the weather is 10 levels of heavenly (80 degrees, warm and breezy, perfectly shaped clouds, you get the picture). So I’ve spent a lot of time outside. With my friends. And not with my computer.

5. And I don’t forsee things changing in the near future.

6. I’ve also got some big decisions to make and you know that I can’t keep ANYTHING to myself. So if I blog, I want to blog honestly and openly. And I can’t right now.

7. But I will be blogging this week, don’t worry about that. I just wanted to warn you up front that the next two weeks may be a bit slim. Love me anyways, okay?

Tomorrow. Full on bloggishness tomorrow.

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