I thought it was bad WITH tonsils.

It’s worse without. Starting right now, I’m not going to correct my typing at all so you can see the drugs at work.

The worst part of this entire event is that my uvula, the dangly thing in the back of yout rhroat, is swollen so much that i feel like i’m choaking. Wish I would have known that was coming.

I’m watcing the British office. It’s funny/dirty. I like the American one better.

I have had 2 bowls of ice cream, 1 jello, and tea and water. In 48 ours. I wish there was somethign specific I wante dto fast for, because I wold definiltey get it.

The typing is getting worsy. You’re probably laughing harder. I’m going to go lay down again. I’ll take some photos of my throat for you soon. You’ll love it. So sick.

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