I try to keep my word.

After Nov. 2007, I said I would attempt to post every day except Sunday; insert poor attempt at good blogging here.

So “the trade” has been made. I know you were really concerned.

Ahhh… much better. Now, I will say that it feels like a Fisher-Price toy. Nothing is automatic. Everything is manual, from the locks to the air conditioning to the side view mirrors. They are hilarious. I feel like I could unhook the doors from the hinges and rehook them somewhere else. Or climb in through the window and propel the vehicle with foot power. Sorta like…. this.

Practically car twins.

[By the way, have I ever told you about the time that my friend Jonathan, better known as “Speve“, took the doors off his car and drove us around Athens? It was awesome. I think I screamed and laughed the entire time. And I remember thinking about clouds. That’s weird.]

So, back to the topic, this is a better car for me and, I’m not exaggerating, ONE TENTH the price of the babymini.

I’m much more satisfied with my current rental vehicle. Thank you very much.

Dear Annie,
Please write about something besides rental cars tomorrow.
Everyone who reads this blog

Dear blog readers,
You aren’t the boss of me.

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