I wear random well.

It’s one of my favorite colors. It matches my eyes.

My friend Dee Dee tagged me on her blog yesterday and I have to now list 10 random things about me.

I’m very grateful to be given a blog post topic today because

#1- I had such a severe migraine tonight that I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. But Mama pulled through as usual and drugged me back to health. Almost health. My head is still pounding, just not punching anymore.

See, look at that. One down, nine to go.

#2- If I could only drink one liquid the rest of my life, it would be orange juice with lots of pulp.

#3- I was the homecoming queen of a VERY small and easily influenced high school.

#4- I’ve read the book Christy by Catherine Marshall 40+ times. It’s the finest book ever written.

#5- I talk to my hair straightener every day. I say “Today is Tuesday. I have turned you off and unplugged you.” It’s called OCD, people. Or BEING CERTAIN YOUR HOUSE DOESN’T BURN DOWN. Whichever you prefer.

#6- My middle name has a silent R smack in the middle. And, no, I won’t tell you my middle name because I don’t think that fits in the “safe internet behavior” category.

#7- My favorite number is 7, or any multiple of 7, except 63. I hate 63.

#8- I prayed for Deion Sanders in middle school and then T.D. Jakes led him to the Lord. I will always consider that one of my first documented answered prayers.

#9- When I listen to songs and sing along, sometimes I pretend that I am auditioning to be a back-up singer. My audition usually goes really well and then I’m asked to record and go on tour. I almost always have to turn the artist down due to prior commitments. But it’s nice to be recognized for my talent.

(*Reminder- new music on Dave Barnes’ site today. Great song!!)

#10- My grandparents owned a used bookstore when I was younger. If I think about it hard enough, I can still smell the books, hear the bell ring when the door opens, and feel the shag carpet under my feet. It’s possibly the strongest childhood memory I possess. You can read more about the bookshop and my wonderful grandparents HERE.

So there you have it. Were I in top condition right now, I’d keep going just for kicks and giggles. But I’m afraid the plethora of random facts would be scary to you and somewhat disturbing.

I’d love to tag all of you, but that isn’t how the game is played. Officially, I tag Caroline, Jake and Melissa, and Marie. But, to the rest of you blogmies, I encourage you to list your top 10 random facts and then come back and leave a link in the comments so we can all read. (So just consider yourself “unofficially” tagged- sorry, but I’m a first born, I insist on following the rules.)

If you don’t have a blog and are so inclined, you’re welcome to leave your top 10 in the comments. Or maybe this is the day to start your own blog? Blog birthing is a beautiful and natural thing. I encourage it.

Seriously, don’t be ashamed to confess your personal randomness. I just admitted that I hold back-up singer auditions for myself. It can’t get much weirder than that.

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