I wore a belt so I didn’t drowned.

I went to water aerobics this morning.

And I loved it.

I had been warned by friends [mainly Skip] that it would be me and a bunch of grannies.

I said FALSE. [Cause I’m always right.] I knew my friend Molly was going with me, so I was more inclined to believe that it would be me and Molly… and the grannies.

I put the question out on twitter last night as to whether it would be grannie-ful or not, and most people said yes.

Emily directed me to this post by Megan and it got me all excited. I knew I would probably be the baby of the class, and the only one without ruby red lipstick, but this did not deter me. Nay, it spurred me on.

And this morning did not disappoint.

Sure, 6:45am came early. But when we got to the pool, four or five grannies were already strapped in to their safety belts and doggie-paddling their way to the deep end.

Molly and I started into the pool when we got stopped by another class attender, encouraging us to put on the belts. “You know this whole class is in the deep end, right?”

No, actually, we did not. But boy howdy, four minutes into the traveling bicycle move, we were both mighty glad that we had the belts on. Because water aerobic is TOUGH, y’all. Especially when she offered us the advanced option of standing on TWO separate noodles.

Laugh if you will, but try it sometime. That junk is hard.

So, an hour later, while we stretched out in the shallow end, and Grandma Becky shared about her 2nd place finish in Bridge yesterday, my body actually felt tired. And I realized that I had worked out for a solid 60 minutes and never once thought, “if I walk out now, will anybody notice?”.

Not to get all serious on you, and especially since I don’t really blog about diet/exercise/the size of my pants, I won’t say too much down this path. But I will say that the fact that I enjoyed exercising for an hour speaks VOLUMES to me. And like I just told my roomie Jamie, it’s not the most intense exercise ever, but if I enjoy it and want to keep doing it, by gosh, the angels probably started singing.

Oh, and I may or may not have agreed to be a sub for a Bridge Club.

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