I’m here. Just in case you were concerned.

Because, you know, I’m the worst blogger in the history of June 2013.

I’m not one for making excuses [yes I am], but here are some solid reasons why the internet has not won my attention lately:

1. I have a book due to Zondervan in 20 days. And I have 20,000 words of said book left to write. So yeah, your prayers are needed more than you could ever know.

2. The Vanderbilt baseball season came to a surprising, heartbreaking, sudden, premature end this weekend. It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Painful. Deeply. And then suddenly? All the boyz are packing their dorm rooms and moving out of Nashville AND MY EMOTIONS ARE A WRECK. Helping them deal with the loss, packing, moving, and trying to be strong for them and not be a weepy mess has been a challenge and has kept me away from my computer.

(Meanwhile, I am going to start cheering for the Detroit Tigers because everyone’s favorite intern, Connor Harrell, got drafted to the major leagues! Yes, it’s pretty normal for someone to go from interning at Downs Books to being a professional athlete. If you were wondering.)

3. I’m really tired. First book release in September 2012, first Girls of Grace season, two books written in the first six months of 2013. I am SO deeply grateful for my job, but I’ve been hustling pretty hard nonstop for almost a year and I am feeling it. Which, to be fair, is a bit unfortunate since I still have 20,000 words to go in the book. And July is coming – a month where I will not be writing at all – and I can feel the freedom coming coming coming.

[You know I’m grateful, right? I am NOT complaining. I just explaining why I have been a less-than blogger.]

That’s really about it. I’m going to try to improve for the rest of this month, but I can’t make any promises. Of course, I still manage to get distracted in the afternoon, but I do have to get ye old book written before July 1 as well.


Love me anyways.

Also, I’ve started the book Lottery that I mentioned last week and it is incredible.

That’s how I am. How are you?

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