In Your LOVE.

I remember it was MLK weekend my sophomore year of college. I was skiing with the youth group from East Cobb UMC- skiing being a funny word to use, since I had actually torn my MCL that day, and so I was just sitting on the back porch of the condo. It wasn’t snowing, but it had, and it was cold. And this CD called “Heaven and Earth” was playing on my headphones as I watched students I knew fly by at completely unsafe skiing speeds.

One of those songs just played on my “Party Shuffle” on iTunes. (Tell me you love the “Party Shuffle” like I do- it is good.) And it took my mind back to that ski trip, at the same time my mind was right here, right now. And again, God showed me new elements of His LOVE.

Here are the lyrics to “In Your LOVE” by Nichole Nordeman.

I am humbled in Your presence
More desperate than before
I’ve brushed against Your mercy
Yet still I’m wanting more
I have felt the hand of comfort
In the softness of Your touch
I wait…
I am holding on to promises
I’m counting on the truth
And on these knees I’m faltering
I’m calling out to You
In Your LOVE
I find my resting place
In Your LOVE
I find my shelter
When I lay down all that I’ve been holding to
The beauty I’ve found in You
Is sweeter than all I’ve known
In Your LOVE
I surrender all my failings
Please break these chains of doubt
I bring these simple offerings of what I can’t work out
Won’t You let these healing waters anoint my troubled soul
I wait…(Holding on to promises…)
Just reading those words makes me want to breathe deep. And think with my eyes closed. Is that praying? Sometimes, because when I think about God and His LOVE, I can’t help but tell Him what I’m thinking. I’m not trying to irreverent, I’m just thinking out loud about what the real definition of “prayer” is…… or maybe “meditation”? Something to ponder…. eyes opened or closed. Your choice.
None the less, good words like this bless me more than you know. Maybe that is why there are five books on my bedside table that I am working through. I keep having to stop and think with my eyes closed- they’re just that good. But it does make it hard to finish a book.
Speaking of that……I better get to it…. book club is coming up in a few weeks…..

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