It was no illusion.

I have so many weekend things to tell you, my “I think you read this but I can never really be certain” friends.

One of my all-time best friends, Danielle, had a baby shower Saturday morning. I won a gift. I took it. (Obvious decision, right?) Another girl won a gift, then gave it to Danielle. I felt like a total putz. But I still brought home a new ornament for my tree. Kathleen and I made a lot of inappropriate jokes under our breath throughout the shower, so that made it way fun. Danielle totally knew we were not behaving, but she was used to it and knows that she is never the brunt of those jokes, so no worries.

Saturday night, I got to see my Christian illusionist (read “magician”) friend Drew. I like to rank my new friends at the end of every year, and he is definitely a Top 5 new friend of 2006. He lives in Washington state and I don’t talk to him all that much, but when we do see each other or email or call, we spill our beans and can totally relate. Especially about magic. We talk “shop” a lot- you know, the latest gadgets, tricks, illusions, magic stuff.

(Please tell me you laughed there and didn’t wonder whether I can really do magic. Of course I can’t.)

Kelli and I played 2 awesome games of foozball (how even do you spell that?) while waiting on Drew to pack up his “bag of tricks”. She beat me both times. We’re thinking of investing in a table for our home. Yes, it was that fun. Joey and Chandler were really on to something.

Got home at 1am (Easy now, we were in Newnan. Long commute). Up at 8am for cell group. Church at 11am. Lunched with the Battles at 1pm. Went to a basketball game at 5pm, where I was told multiples times, “Yeah, blog this.” So I just did.

Then, tonight, I put on my big girl smile and my brave britches and went to a singles event with people from Buckhead church. We watched an amazing video called “Most”. There were a lot of awkward get-to-know-you conversations and a lot of people trying to read my Jesus-o-meter. But also a lot of very nice people all looking for the same thing. And I did get one card- who even knew people gave out cards? Oh Buckhead.

Oh yeah, I also sat with these beauts at church. Nora Grey is on the left and Michal is on the right, giving you “the look”. Michal made a poopy diaper today that made my face kinda do that too.

You know, reading over this post, I’m not overly impressed. I give it a B-, and that’s only because those girls are so cute. A picture of Drew, or a shot of the actual poopy diaper, would have really helped.

Let's be friends!

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