It’s back.

I asked for a new Bible as a Christmas gift in 1995. Because Molly had one. I wanted to be like her. Still do. I got a Quest Study Bible and I love it. 13 years later, I still use that same one.

Oh, and that Bible has been through it. I’m not what you might call “careful with my possessions” and I believe that something well loved is well worn in. So this Bible has been slung through about ten different countries, numerous road trips, lived at six different addresses, and attended multiple Summer Camps. [Insert super-Christian joke here.] But seriously, it’s the perfect size, I love the side notes and the version. The only downside is this- the longer I used it, the more the bonded leather peeled off the cover.

And so in 2002, when I was an intern at the Wesley Foundation, Jake and I had the brilliant idea to duct tape my entire Bible. It worked like a charm. No more peeling. No more issues.

Until. 2008. Said duct tape begins to peel and now everywhere I take my Bible, I get sticky mess all over my hands and clothing. Enough is enough.

Solution? I got it recovered. Maybe a more “financially savvy” person would have purchased a new one. But not me. I sent it off via Sweet Spirit to the Bible Hospital [I made that up, I don’t really know where it went] and they fixed it and shipped it back.

To have it back was like reuniting an old friend. I could flip immediately to passages that had spoken life to me throughout my teen years. I saw notes of prayer requests for friends that to this day still need Jesus. I was flipping through this Bible feeling like I had somehow found my way back home.

I think there is something to be said for the freshness of a new Bible- the unfamiliarity breeds some type of renewed conviction to read for understanding. But. For me. There is a connection to God when I feel the connection to 1995 Annie, who asked for a Bible for Christmas because it was the cool thing to do. She had no idea the LIFE held within these words. She had no idea the TEARS to be spilled on these pages. She had no idea the MANY YEARS that would be invested into this copy.

And she did not know that 2008 Annie would cling to these words and phrases more tightly than anything else in her world.

Because the Author is her everything.

*No, this is not was I was looking for HERE.*

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