Just as we all feared.

All my typed words are being contributed to a little 10 pager for grad school called “SCHOOL CASE STUDY”. Yes, it is as boring as it sounds.

I got the pics from last weekend to show you, though they seem a little anti-climatic since LSU just got beat by Kentucky. How in the world did THAT happen? I’m telling you, I love me some Falcons, but my college football heart is increasing in size each week. Any given Sunday my foot! Tell that to USC and LSU- I think they would say “any given Saturday ….. we could end up crying ourselves to sleep”.

None the less, I’ve promised my blogmies photos, so I can not withhold them. The first one is the result of this bet- “Hey Chad, if your LSU tigers beat Florida, will you jump off the dock in the middle of the night even though it is pitch black and freezing cold?”

Heck yes he will. Then …..well …. we only grabbed one towel, partly on accident. Jarrett doesn’t mind.

But I’ll be honest, it hurts me to put this one up after today’s loss. I promise I’m not trying to be mean, Chad! Have you SEEN the Georgia Bulldogs lately? Direct quote that I heard on the TV today during the LSU/UK game- “Georgia seems to be the SEC disappointment of the year.” You cut me deep, broadcaster. What next? You gonna talk trash about Tea and Traditions? That’s personal, broseph. Football and tea. My school and my mama. Don’t go there.

In all seriousness (we’ll see how long this lasts after a 10 page paper without one joke), I do want to take some time to talk about the fine folks who retreated to the lake house last weekend. I’ve had a very lucky life- I’ve had a good number of friends, great family, and minimal bodily injuries. But I have NEVER had community like this. I’ve never felt like I was a part of a group of people that chose in their hearts to make a commitment to me and each other- to take care of, love, and depend on each other. We get together every Sunday morning, each a little breakfast, worship, talk, and pray. A few months ago we read the book “Celebration of Discipline”. It was like the road map of what God wanted to do in our group. And everyone embraced it, ran with it, and it has deepened us and transformed us and called us farther. As individuals, as families, as a group.

A few of the couples have kids, the rest will eventually, and as we sat together last weekend, I just got this image in my mind. 10 years down the road. The house is covered head to toe in kids. And we all raise them. (Not like a combine. We ain’t freaky.) But like this- my kids don’t know life without these other families in it. Misti’s sons jump on Brandon’s back as quick as they jump on Chad’s. I take a picture of Jarrett gently holding my son and smiling. I cry at Kate‘s graduation and then pass Molly a tissue. And neither of us are Kate’s mama. It’s an investment thing. I want to invest in these families. They don’t quit investing in me. Praying for me. Loving me.

Call it whatever you want. Breakfast Club. Bible Study. Cell Group. Whatever. I just know I’m a better Annie because of it. Because of them.

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