My favorite season.

If you don’t like football, don’t keep reading.

Did y’all know that Wade Phillips was the new head coach in Dallas? Though I loved Jim Mora, I don’t necessarily believe that the Falcons made the best choice when they let Wade go.

I just sat down and started flipping channels and heard a familiar soothing voice. Oh Joe Buck. You love to talk football on NFL on FOX. And it was then that I realized.

Today is August 9th.

Tomorrow is August 10th.

The first pre-season game for YOUR ATLANTA FALCONS.

Though I am exciting about the Georgia Bulldogs kicking it off with Oklahoma State on Sept. 1st, I have a special soft-spot in my heart for those ATL fellas. I fully understand that their performance has been completely subpar since the 1998 season, but I still perk up every year thinking, “This is the one. I can tell.” And every year I whine because they lose games that they shouldn’t. But so help me, I love ’em anyways.

Don’t get me started on the team leader, Michael Vick. I’ve never been a huge fan, so I have no good things to say about him. But I do adore Keith Brooking. And I loved Patrick Kerney, but he is now a Seattle Seahawk. Tragic loss. Goodbye #97.

So I’m sitting here watching the Cowboys and the Colts, then during a commercial I do a little channel switch and WHAMMY- David Beckham and the LA Galaxy. What have I do to receive such a gift? American football and American soccer on TV at the same time? It’s so good, it’s not even right.

Hello, Fall. You are my favorite season. Welcome back. Now, could you cool off a bit? Thanks.

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