Praying for Vanderbilt.

Today is a big day at Vanderbilt University. Let me see if I can explain this correctly in normal people terms.

The policy makers at Vandy have written a new nondiscrimination policy.

[That’s good. Discriminating is mean.]


This particular policy says that no organizations on campus can discriminate because of the core beliefs of that organization.

For example, if an atheist wants to be a leader at a Christian organization, that organization must let the person run for leadership. Or if a leader gets elected in the spring, changes beliefs in the summer, the organization cannot remove that person from leadership in the fall.

So. That’s bad. Organizations of all kind should be allowed to decide what type of leader they have AND they should be allowed to ensure that leader adhere’s to the core beliefs of the organization.

Here is an article about an important meeting today and here is an opinion piece by a Christian leader at Vandy.

Here’s another great article explaining it way better than I did. [Seriously.]

Why do I care?

Great question.

I care because I believe God wants to move in the lives of the college students here in Nashville. I believe that the winds are changing in this town and the college students are feeling the breeze. I watch on Sunday nights at our college ministry service and I see what God is doing. And I know part of the reason I am in Nashville is to usher the presence of God into the lives of college students.

And I feel like this is a battle.

I can’t explain the feeling I have in my knower about this, but I feel like it has big implications for the future of the spiritual climate for college students at Vandy and beyond.

So I’m asking you to take three minutes today and pray for today’s meeting. Pray for religious freedom at Vanderbilt. Pray for revival to pour through these college students. Pray that this will turn the hearts of the students TOWARDS Christ.

Pray that in the meeting tonight, God would be glorified.

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