Stories of rain.

I’m not in Nashville right now, but just reading, watching, and hearing the stories of my friends surviving the floods is unbelievable.

It happened like this in Atlanta in September. The water came so quickly. No one could prepare- and even if you could, how do you prepare for five feet of water in your basement? Creeks become rushing rivers and yards become ponds.

The power of water. Sheesh.

I wanted to blog today about my trip to NYC. And I will soon. But something just feels wrong about making jokes and being silly and working hard to combine words correctly in such a way that will make you laugh at my hijinks. [And laugh you will because, hello, my life is ridiculous.]

I don’t feel like laughing when so many that I care about are suffering.

I wish I was there. My house is fine, my electricity is still on. In fact, I think some friends are sleeping in my bed. And I wish I was there to be with my people as they deal with this stuff. I’m sure I’d be sick of emptying buckets about 14 minutes in, but I still wish I was there.

There’s this thing about Nashville. And maybe this is true in any emergency situation in any place- the people rise up, higher than the water. The community loves. And even on a normal day, I see people care more for a neighbor than for themselves. So when something like this happens and as I hear stories of my friends loving my friends and caring for each other, I ache to be there to be a part of our community.

A lot of pictures and links and clicks can be found through Nashvillest – possibly the coolest and most reliable source in the city. Those girls work hard making sure they know the scoop in Nash.

Also, you can see what others said on twitter using the search term #othersituation2010. [The first situation was the blizzard in February- yep, I missed that one too. What’s up with me leaving Nash and the weather going nutso?]

For years, we will tell stories of this rain. It’s historic. It’s unbelievable.

If you want to help, either in Nashville or in another city, click here to read how you can.

If nothing else, pray. Pray for my friends and pray for my city.

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