That is what I call a WEEK-END.

If I could think of a stronger exclamation than BOOYAH, I would use it to describe my weekend.

But obviously.  There is no stronger language to be used.

Let me give you the highlights, in bullet points and randomly inserted photographs.

-Friday I drove to Birmingham, just a quick jaunt.  So please don’t be sad if you are my family know me and live there and I didn’t see you.  I promise I wasn’t even there for 12 hours hardly.

-Late lunch with Sophie and Alex.  He told me he loved me, called me his girlfriend, and asked, “Mama, can I unclick [unbuckle] to give Miss Annie sugar?” And that’s when I got engaged to a 5 year old.

-Dinner with Robyn‘s family, and about 30 minutes of getting a SEVERE whooping from her 7 year old daughter on the Wii.  I’ve really got to get better at virtual ping-pong.

-THEN…. the reason for the trip….. REBA MCENTIRE/KELLY CLARKSTON CONCERT.  Sweet Robyn invited me to go with her as a b-day celebration and I HAPPILY attended. 8th row center seats?  Yes ma’am.  She did a much finer job recapping this than I ever will, so go there and read her recap if you so desire.

[I will take this opportunity to say the most exciting moment of my life of the night was when BARBARA JEAN from the Reba TV show came out and did stand up. Listen. I was thrilled. To put it mildly. Cause I don’t know if you have heard, but I. LOVE. THE. REBA. SHOW.  Like the “4 episodes a day” kind of love.]

-Saturday morning I had brunch with some Bham bloggers (Gayle, Robyn, Sophie, and LoraLynn).  Again, Gayle has the cute pics and summarized quite nicely, so go there if you are just chompin’ at the bit to read about the gritty details of our two hour meal.  By saying “gritty”, I am being punny, because I actually ate shrimp and grits.

[And can you believe I honestly have NO training in humor writing?  That stuff, like the double meaning when I use the word “gritty”, just comes out naturally. I know. What a gift.]

-Then I drove to the ATL, where I saw this in the sky and took a moment to say, “God, I believe Your promises for me.”  Cause sometimes, y’all, we just need to say that stuff outloud.  Can I get an amen from the choir?

-On Sunday, myself and a bunch of my nearest and dearest got to throw a shower for my bfry Molly. You may have heard of her…. she has a bit of a sweet tooth.  Ahem.

-Then my favorite 2 year old on the entire planet built me a bird house.  Ok, he didn’t really build it per say, but he was seriously hammering the nails and unscrewing the screws.  Look at that form!  That’s a man in a toddler body, I tell ya.

-Then I saw a wedding gown of a future bride, ate homemade marshmallows, and watched football with my family, had Zaxby’s zalads with Haley and Molly today, then got on the road.

Now I’m back in Nashville. And went to my accountability group, which is a GIFT in my life.  It would be weird to tell you what we talk about, but suffice it to say that they already know my junkiest junk and they hug me anyways.

What a weekend.

What a life.

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