The joy of a puzzle.

I grew up doing puzzles. Working puzzles? Constructing puzzles? Puzzling puzzles? I don’t really know.

My grandmother loved them. She always had one in the works at her house or when we went on vacation. It’s one of my strongest and fondest memories.

But somehow, I previously had yet to adopt this hobby into my own life.

[Because I’m not 75? Maybe.]

As an author, I spend a lot [read: too much] time in front of my computer. And when it is time to relax, I like to avoid words and my computer. So while I love reading [you know I LOVE READING], there are lots of times where I just want to step. away. from. the. alphabet.

Within the last four weeks, puzzles have made a massive comeback in my life. And I am realizing it is the PERFECT hobby for me.

Those of you who know me well will appreciate this next sentence –> Last week, I worked on the puzzle for two hours while I watched episodes of The Waltons.

[How in the WORLD am I supposed to get a date when I write stuff like that on the internet?]

And then just yesterday, I played the Wicked soundtrack all the way through while trying my darndest to finish the leafy sky.

Here’s why I love puzzles:

1. It involves zero words.

2. It is mindless but totally challenging. At least this one is. 1000 pieces of Post-Impressionism? Ouchies.

3. A normal person could walk away at any time and return later. [I have issues. I need to finish certain areas. Don’t judge.]

4. Multiple people can contribute. There are currently about five of us working/contributing/puzzling this puzzle.

5. It does something good to your heart to escape from your today. I’ve watched a boy with a broken heart finish the red lady’s dress and a girl with heavy decisions on her mind put together an entire field.

6. You can do the puzzle over and over again. I don’t know if I will [this one is about to make me or break me], but I like that you can.

7. You have a lifelong hobby. [I *think* this is my way of convincing the world that IT IS COOL FOR A 30-SOMETHING TO ENJOY PUZZLES, OKAY?]

So, I guess this whole post is a confession that if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you are probably going to continue to see pictures of this puzzle as it progresses. And now that I have justified it, I will quit giving myself such a hard time for being a dork.

. . . . .

What’s your favorite hobby? Any other puzzle lovers out there?

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