What I’m [fill in the blank]

What I’m [sure is the weirdest post title ever] = this one.

What I’m [reading] = The Fiddler’s Gun by Pete Peterson. I’m 1/2 of the way through and I’ll give it a B-. Don’t buy it yet, unless you have a Kindle. Then it’s only $2. TWO AMERICAN DOLLARS. Get it.

What I’m [also reading] = The New Kings of Nonfiction by Ira Glass. If you are a fan of creative nonfiction, this is the book for you. Also, if you aren’t listening to This American Life, a radio show by Ira Glass, please start. Right now. [My friend Alan, of Little Brooklyn Kitchen, recommended this book and he’s one of the smartest dudes I know, so I went with it. And I’m glad.]

What I’m [eating] = too many calories. The Get Fit Challenge was more of a pressure than I realized. The good kind of pressure. So now that I’m 30, I’m settling back into a healthy lifestyle. But don’t hesitate to ask me about it. You are quite the accountability partner.

What I’m [hearing] = I am [again] addicted to Brooke Fraser’s Albertine album. Twitter tells me a new album is coming soon. I’m impatiently waiting for it.

What I’m [writing] = In 2 weeks, I head to Lake Geneva Youth Camp to speak at the Middle School Girls Camp. So I’ve been furiously writing my talks and devotions for that week. [Pray for me- even now. Please? Seriously.]

What I’m [missing] = Scotland. The team from Riverstone is there this week and I hate missing it. (Just in case you didn’t know, I went in 2007 and 2008.) Luckily, we can read the team’s blog and watch the services live [at weirdo times].

What I’m [loving] = housesitting. This home is gorgie-poo and the cat is totally chill and they have a veggie garden that waters itself. Win. [This is the second time this month I’ve gotten to housesit for an awesome family in an awesome house, so pretty much- booyah.]

What I’m [googling] = Heaven help me, I’m still looking for the perfect window treatments. I am seven shades of addicted to home decor right now. Why? I don’t know.

What I’m [watching] = HGTV [shocker]. Sarah’s House. The Bachelorette [don’t tell me anything, you spoiler readers]. Drop Dead Diva. Clean House. The Dish. Cooking Channel. Ummm…. confession time… I’m also watching Real Housewives of New Jersey and Bethenny’s Getting Married.

What I’m [surprised about] = the crazy amount of links in this post. Sorry it got so linky up in here.

What I’m [wondering] = How are you? How was your weekend? Any books you are finishing? Any blogs you are loving right now that I have to read? Tell me things.

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Stay up to date with our weekly newsletter. It’s all things fun with Annie.