What to do with a snow day:

1) Sleep late. [see previous post]

2) Eat breakfast on a PLATE at the table. [versus on a paper towel in my car]

3) Wear fleece pants. [just not appropriate for school]

4) Watch multiple episodes of Project Runway. [again, not appropriate at school]

5) Lose myself in the hollows of the internet. [blog stalking = good]

6) Wash clothes and pack for a weekend in Nashville. [step 3?]

7) Write write write write. [I may need to buy a computer WITHOUT the internet for my writing. Cold turkey is the only way to go.]

8) Shower. [eventually]

9) Create lots of lists. [I’ve got things to do, people. And it is a lot easier to make lists than actually DO them]

10) Make lunch. [I’m really glad Tatum goes to the grocery store.]

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