Win on, winners.

I’m excited to announce that we have 2 winners!  [Let’s be honest, all you bloggites are winners, but I only have 2 CDs to giveaway.  So 2 “official” winners.]

Congrats to Katy at B’ahava and Kelli!!  [One commenter whom I adore as a person left 2 comments (which is fine), so my friend Betsy only counted her once- Betsy is my official giveaway judge, so she makes those kinds of calls.]

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

13	7

I’ll be in touch soon, girls, so I can mail your CDs to you.

For all you other almost-winners [that’s a nice phrase, isn’t it?], you get the pleasure of buying your own copy.  Congrats!

To Barb-a-licious, Betsy says you picked the wrong person to kiss up to.  Random Number Generator is powerful, but Betsy makes the final call.  Good info to have for next time.

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